SPOTTED: Tionna Smalls Supports the Indie Movie, “Brooklyn Gangster: The Story of Jose Lucas”


I’m sure you guys have heard that I am now a Film Maker. Yes, I am writing and directing a new independent film which we will begin shooting in Brooklyn this summer. I am so excited. This movie has really challenged me as a writer because I haven’t wrote anything fiction based since I was in like 5th grade.

As a new Director, My job is to network with other film people so I went to my friend, Jason Lanzar Rivera’s movie premiere. Jason played Jose Lucas in Caglevision’s newest film, “Brooklyn Gangster: The Story of Jose Lucas.” The premiere was at AMC Theater on 42nd Street in the City. I was so happy to be in attendance and I can’t wait until I can invite you guys to my movie premiere.

If you want support, you have to support others. I had such a great time.

Here is a cool pic of me and the Talk Dat Ish Films crew auditioning some hopefuls at my boutique Loveys in Brooklyn. Information for the movie will drop in June. I can’t wait to tell you guys all about the movie!!!!


If you would like to audition for my movie, please sign up to my casting site. Talk Dat Ish Casting . Upload your photos and videos. The site ask for a $25 donation and it’s free to use after that. The roles are listed. Thank you! Xo

Love: Does Looks Still Matter?

Dear Diary,

Yesterday my good actor friend, Jason Lanzar Rivera, visited me at my beautiful Boutique in Brooklyn (Loveys).


Jason is a fabulous actor. He has recently appeared in the movie, King of Paper Chasers. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, go and see it because it is really good.

Anywho, Jason is what we call a handsome man; ok a gorgeous man. He looks way better than he appears on television. I posted a pic of him and I on all of my social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and the response from women were crazyyyy. Seeing this response made me ask, does looks still matter to people? I know it did to a specific person I was trying to find a man for but damn, does it matter now?

Would you like a man based on his looks? Does a man looks what determines if you want him or not? As women are we more weak off of a good looking man versus one not so good looking? Or are we more sexually attracted to men who have great looks?

If you ask me, looks doesnt mean anything to me. A pretty man could be an ugly soul. Sure a great looking man is nice to look at and damn sure is some great eye candy but that’s all it is. I go by a man’s personality and thankful for my good friend Jason, he has the talent and personality any girl would die for. Choosing a mate off of looks alone will leave you in a dark and lonely place. Yeah, you will miss out on all the good ones waiting for one who has those “perfect looks.”


I wrote this post to make sure that you check your superficial ways at the door when waiting for your Mr. Right! Don’t choose a man off of looks alone but by his character. Yes, you have to judge a man by his principles, lol.

Have you ever chose a man based off of his looks? Share your story!

Also, follow my boy, Jason Lanzar Rivera on Twitter now!