Are You Loyal to Community Di*k? (NSFW)

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I decided to write this post because it’s time to keep it real about the things that’s holding us women back. A lot of us women are suffering from heart breaks, abortions, STDs, etc. because we are making the wrong choices when it comes down to choosing a mate. A lot of women are suffering from falling in love with a man who possesses the title of having “community d*ck.”

Yes, community d*ck is a penis that every girl in the world has had or can have. He has no rules to who he put that thang in; he just likes to give to the needy, the greedy, and the bishes who don’t like you. Community d*ck has no morals, he just f*cks whoever giving it up and no matter how much you love this man or cry over this man- his actions just won’t stop. This is the type of jawn that’ll f*ck your mama (if she’s down with the get down). Ugh, it goes down like that sometimes. We call that “nasty work.”

A lot of women make the mistake of wifing up a whore dude aka community d*ck in hopes that she is getting a prize but girlfriend let me be the first to tell you that a dude who screws everyone is not a prize; he’s an STD waiting to happen (hopefully a curable one). Almost every woman by the age of 30 will experience dealing with some community d*ck but there’s rules to the game. One rule is you are never supposed to fall in love with em and second rule and most important one is never, ever, ever, have a baby from em. Community d*ck is not supposed to be anywhere near your heart because at any chance they will crush it without thinking twice.

A lot of community d*ck havers like to play mind games and manipulate you into thinking they’re not all over the place; but girlfriend that is all game. The worse part is when you just get caught out there and you have no idea that they were community property. You all happy that you got a new boo and that he’s throwing that grade A meat but come to find out you and 6-7 chicks within a one block radius all had some. OMG and what makes it worse is when homie try to lie and say that he didn’t hit it or ate them all out when he know he did.

Sometimes community d*ck gets old in one community so they start to branch out to other places and that’s cool until he tells you not to post pictures of him on social network sites. You think he’s telling you that because he’s a street dude and real street dudes should never post photos on these sites but he’s telling you that because there’s at least 3-4 other chicks out there in community dickland that believe that he’s also theres. It’s a whole nasty cycle…

Now, let’s get to the real math of things. He’s screwing you plus about 4 other girls on the side and since he’s community property- he can’t possibly be there enough for all 5 women who is involved in the equation so at least half of them (you included) are having sex with someone else or two other people… Wonder where HIV and other diseases come from? Wallah, magic. Even if you are using a condom with community d*ck, you sucking him off or he’s putting that community tongue on your open, raw coochie and maybe on her and her and her open raw coochie.

Jay-Z tried to warn ya when he told you, “Never Kiss Her/Never Hold Her Hand,” and that’s the best advice I can give you if you suspect you are dealing with a whore man aka community d*cker. Now let’s be real, we are women and we women get something called our “intuition.” Women know when they are dealing with a man who just isn’t right yet they let their emotions take over and blind them. You see the text messages when you go through his phone, he never posts photos of you on his social networking sites, and he doesn’t spend enough time with you unless you include bending over on all fours in your mama house as time spent but somehow we ignore it yet we want to be faithful and most of all LOYAL to a man who just doesn’t give a flying f*ck about us.

You are a dummy if you are being loyal to a man who has never and will never be loyal to you. You’re sitting there all up in his ass and missing potential lovers who may come along and treat you right. You don’t care that he’s doing him, you just there and act as if you are Mother Theresa. That is a real mistake that many of us women make. Do you really believe that he’s going to see the light and be with you once he finishes doing him? You gotta love yourself to know that that is not the way love is supposed to go. Don’t fall into social constructs about how women are supposed to conduct themselves or fall into the pressure of taking a half a man over a real man who is for you and only YOU.

Now let’s get into titles… Every piece of raggedy sausage I know have what they call “wifey” or the main chick. They find one dummy and give her a title. She’s the chick who has the car in her name (the car her ass could never drive) and the one who is cool with the family (the same family that lets him sex other girls in their house)… She feels entitled and special because this community dicker gave her a title but I want you to sit back and think of this action as a job. What is the point of being titled an Assistant Manager and you’re getting the same pay as a Cashier? 

Yeah, your title changed but your pay is still the same but now you have more work to do like be a ride or die chick to him even when his money is low, be there for him, listen to his problems, deal with his crazy mama, etc. Wow! Let me be the first to say congratulations… On what you ask? On nothing because you got a title and you still have nothing! This dude is still going to poke everything moving and do whatever he wants to do and you will be still sitting home waiting for him to wash his d*ck off and come home to you as long as he make it home before the sun does. Come on! Is some semi-washed peen and a man who spend maybe an hour a day with you before you go to work all you want from life? Man… We’ll continue this title talk on my next post: Is Titles Ruining Your Love Life?

Anywho, stop being loyal to Non-Profit penis! It is only holding you back from being great and living the best love life you can live. Share your stories of Community d*ck! How did you shake him of? We all know that community d*ckers have some good stuff but bump that- you can save the headache and f*ck yourself!


Stop Fighting Over a Dude Who Doesn’t Want Both of You!!!


I am so sick of women and their fuckery. Every time I turn around, I see females beefing over each other over a piece of peen. I often wonder what the hell do they expect to gain especially when the dude they’re fighting over isn’t sh*t anyway.

Many won’t tell you this but I will… Women who fight over dudes are very corny and WEAK. Yes, weak!!! I was raised to believe that if you had to lay a finger on a chick because she was messing with your man or all in your man face that that wasn’t your man. I was raised to believe that a man who loved and adored you would put heffas in their place if they got disrespectful. Now a days, I wonder where are these real men my parents taught me about because the craziness I see these days have me soooo confused.

9/10 your man is not your man if you have to fight with another woman or (man) over him. If a man truly respects you, he will make sure everyone in his world respects you and that include his family and little side chicks who don’t know their place. If your man cheated on you, fighting the next chick won’t change that… He is still a man that cheated on you. I find it so funny that women can hate the next broad that has no loyalty to them and half the time doesn’t even know them but sit there and suck the same peen that was supposed to be loyal and in a relationship with them.

Stop giving men the upper hand in your life. If he is out there boning the next chick and letting them disrespect you- leave him alone because he has no real love for you. You’re sitting here fighting the next chick but believe me there is always another woman out there that he is giving that raggedy sausage to. 

Remember , nobody wins in a fight over a loser dude…

Have you ever fought over a dude and how did that situation end?

Kim Kardashian Played by Kanye and the Machine that Made Her a Star!


I remember when I ran across an episode of “Kim & Kourtney Takes New York” and I saw Kanye West help Kim and her older sister Kourtney look at the soon-to-be Soho location of their popular boutique, Dash. I saw the way Kanye and Kim kept looking at each other and I immediately tweeted that Kim and Kanye was going to end up together.

Call it the Expert in me or just charge it to me being very intuitive with the male and female species but I knew they were getting down and dirty. Months passed and they ended up being together and I thought, ok this could be good. Kanye and Kim seems to both be selfish and into themselves so they should be a challenge to each other. Kim is a Libra and Kanye is a Gemini, so naturally these two look forward to the high grandeur of life. Kim had it all; money, fame, and most of all freedom and then boom… She got pregnant!

One of the reasons why I dont have any kids and why I feared having kids most of my life is because I was always afraid a man would think he had something over me once I had his baby. I always felt like he would feel like he had me where he wanted me if I had his baby. I love being young and free without any attachments. If any of my men act up, I could bounce and never see them again. Thank God, my views on motherhood changed and I believe in Stepfathers lol.

Anyway, Kim getting pregnant and actually going through with the pregnacy was shocking to me because she seemed to not be the maternal type and all into her business. You know traveling and getting into other ventures but then I thought damn, she is Kris Jenner’s daughter and she knows better than anyone how to secure her future. Having a baby by Kanye West aka the Louis Vuitton Don is a great guaranteed 18-year-financial plan. Kim is about to be 33 and in 18 years nobody is going to be checking for her so it was smart to have this baby. I’m not mad at the game at all.

So what’s the problem? The problem is like most deadbeats, Kanye West is no longer into her now that she is pregnant with his kid. I guess he thought everything will still be the same and that she wouldn’t suffer from the #Strugglefeet while rocking the heels he designed and that she’d be able to travel back and forth to Paris while he’s recording his album. He really pulled a switcheroo (the act of someone switching up, becoming someone you never thought they’d become, and doing things that you never thought they’d do) on her and its very sad.

I don’t care what anyone says, money isn’t everything. A woman needs her child father around when she’s pregnant. Who else is going to rub her feet and send the assistant to pick up all the foods she is craving? And you will think that since Kanye is an older parent that he will be more excited about his child but from the outside looking in, he doesn’t seem excited. I don’t know if he feels like he made the wrong choice when he chose to have unprotected sex with Kim Kardashian or not but suck it up Kanye because you are about to be a father to a baby girl and girls need their fathers.

I don’t feel sorry for Kanye, he knew what he was getting into before he made it official with Kim. Hell, he was creeping up in the W Hotel with her while she was with Reggie Bush and he was with Amber Rose so he knows what it is. I hate when dudes act like they were bamboozled into something. Kanye knew good and well what dating and impregnating a Kardashian was going to be like- paparazzi all over, blog mentions, magazine covers, new fans, etc. He was all down with getting the fame but now he’s acting scarier than a prostitute waiting for her HIV test results.

Kim is now about to be a mother and feels like she has found her black Adonis but now she has to deal with not being able to fit into her sexy shoes, no longer being considered a sex kitten (temporarily at least), not being able to travel for work because she is big and pregnant. Meanwhile Kanye is living the life, jet-setting, and hanging out with his “besties” Jay Z and Beyonce when he should be home with his pregnant girlfriend.

To make matters worse, a Canadian Model, comes forward and says that she has slept with Kanye West while he was with Kim Kardashian and while she was pregnant. And boom, they place the story on the cover of the New York’s Post like it’s nothing. How embarrassing?

Men can be so cruel… How can you cheat on your pregnant girlfriend? But no shock here, huh Kimmy? You were once the back seat rider and now you’re in the passenger seat dealing with the same ish. How does the leather smell? Not as good as you thought, huh? I’m hoping its untrue and that Kanye isn’t that dumb to get caught up in this mess.

Overall, this relationship is going downhill and its not going to be healthy for anyone especially the child. Kim better watch out because Kanye has money too and he looks like the type that will try some fuckery, IE: Full custoday (D’wayne Wade flow), so be very careful. Kim K. has all the fame in the world but the fame and attention is showing Kimmy’s real life and thats not seeming to be too great now adays. This is why you should never drink the Kool-Aid when you’re in this business because the same people praising you and trying to make you a star will be the same ones who take you outta here. Kim got Kanye using sex and fame and now she’s losing him to sex and fame. Well hopefully his albums sells well.


Tionna Smalls says, “Don’t Mess With a Man Who’s Not Into You”

When a man aint into you, he aint into you. Phuck it, theres no easier way around it. No need to try to translate it into spanish when the ish is in english and plain as day.

I dont want to be with a man who isnt into me and i dont want none of my girls to be with a man who isnt into them.

How can you tell if a man is into you or not?

He’s not into you when he cant sacrifice for you. When he can go days without speaking to you, he’s not into you. When he can go weeks without seeing you, he’s not into you. When he can go an eternity without tasting you, he’s not into you.

A man who is into you face lights up when you walk in the room. He touches you in intimate spots even by mistake. He listens to your boring stories, laugh at your jokes with all his teeth showing, and just enjoy your company. He’ll make time to see you even if he’s busy and the visit only last 10 minutes because he knows that when you’re into someone, 10 minutes can seem like an eternity because your presence is his bliss. He’s tired, you’re tired, so what he still find the time to talk because he knows he’s your man and his job is to be there and understand. When he’s into you, he listens to you and make fun of that wack ish your boss did with you.

With a man who is into you, you have less than a lover and more of a friend. When you love and is into someone infinitely, time spent becomes more important so I dont want to hear about someone who’s supposedly into you and cant spend no time. Huh, its a cold world but if you listen to your heart and jump into love with your mind… You’re going to be just fine.

I hope this post help some of you ladies that is chasing someone who is not into you. Life is too short for that. I know it hurts because the majority of the time, they start off being all into you and then they switch up but its ok, in life you have to lose to win.

***The best way to see if your boo is not into you is to print your incoming/outgoing call log. Get a blue highlighter for incoming calls from your boo and red one for outgoing. If your paper got it’s period, then you know what it is…

Share some of your stories in the comment section!

When a Man Seeks to Embarrass & Destroy: The “Pending” Divorce of Porsha Stewart


I was very shocked to hear that the husband of Porsha Stewart (the newbie on Real Housewives of Atlanta) reportedly filed for divorce against her. Huh, the nerve of this downlow brother.

Money or no money, Kordell Stewart, is not a prize to anyone. He is extremely corny; he makes Nick Cannon look like the stud muffin of the year. Atlanta is all about living the high style life so I’m not going to judge Porsha for marrying such a dweeb… Maybe she fell victim to the love of a man with money who wanted a young, naive, woman who would come and help his “image”. I don’t know them so I can’t judge; all I do know is marriage these days for public figures is a joke and someone has to speak up about it.

I only watched a few episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta this season but from the episodes I saw Porsha seemed to be obedient to her husband and allowed him to play the man role… Well atleast that’s how it looked on tv. I remember seeing a promo for an episode where Nene Leakes (Porsha’s fellow housewife who had admittedly been in an abusive relationship in her past) said in her interview scene that Kordell was controlling.

A man who feel the need to control a G.A.W (Grown Ass Woman) obviously has a problem. Homegirl even seemed too scared to go to a female strip club. Gah, where they do that at? (In my most ghettoist voice ever, lol). Maybe Kordell wasn’t whipping her ass but there was definitely something he was leveraging against her in his pursuit of control… I can tell you guys what it was… It was the money and the name.

I can tell that Porsha loves the power it brings to be Kordell Stewart’s wife especially in the city of Atlanta. She drives a benz around town and pull up to a mansion. She can shop, socialize, and try to get her singing career off the ground without worrying about her bills. She loved the fact that her husband could drop money on her without a problem and she loved to rub her marital status in (her other co-star) Kenya Moore’s face. It was like waaaam bish, I’m married to a baller and you’re not… Oh but look at her ass now.

My assumption is Porsha started to rebel against the tight regime of Kordell Stewart. Think about it, she’s getting her own money now (episode fees go up as you go along in Reality TV-land) and she is now famous from her own right. So now she doesn’t have to listen to every single thing her rich husband has to say. Kordell, in straight Deion Sanders fashion, decided that he’s not going to deal with it… So he embarrasses her by announcing he’s divorcing her and has a nerve to put out a statement talking about “it’s difficult.”

Duh Kordell, of course it’s difficult but whats worse is you could have kept it cute and gracefully bowed out but nooooo, instead you decided to make a public stinct and now she is embarrassed. All that bragging and all that insta-balling she participated in is now coming to an end and with no children between them and a marriage of two years or less, she most likely going to get a alimony check and a get-out-the-mansion-by June demand.

See this is why it is good to be an independent woman because when a man with money seek to destroy you, he will win if you don’t have much to fall back on and now she may be forced to kiss the Bravo producers’ ass so that she can at least guarantee herself another season which may help her land herself on her feet or at least another baller… Uugh, I am just happy I will never have to go through this because I will always work to get mine.

We’ll see how this all pan out. All I know is Kordell Stewart really has these heauxs laughing at her, NATIONALLY. I don’t know if he’s doing this as a publicity stunt to scare her or not but whatever it is… She needs to be done with him indefinitely, take her L gracefully, and move on while her baby heads are still perky.

What are your thoughts about this “divorce”!? Is it bullcrap or is it really real? Should Porsha try to save face and be quiet?

How to Be Single & Happy on Thanksgiving! The Dos & Donts!!!


Dear Diary,

This is the first Thanksgiving that I am single since about 2006. I am not really a Thanksgiving person so being single on Thanksgiving doesn’t bother me in the least bit. Hey, I spent Hurricane Sandy alone… If I can do that, I can do anything! LOL.

Well, this year I’ve had some offers to attend Thanksgiving dinner (including one from my ex) but I decided that I will get some well needed rest like I did for the past few thanksgivings.

So, you are single and you are feeling lonely. Here is my Dos and Donts so you can have a great holiday without the pressure of feeling like a loser…

#1 Do: Thank God for making it to see another Thanksgiving. Hey, there are many people in the world that didn’t live to see this day so you better praise him.

#1 Dont: Don’t show up at your ex or current boo house uninvited. It makes you look like a loser and you are just punnishing yourself no matter how fly you look once you get there.

#2 Do: Spend time with your family because this is the time of year where family matters most. Consider yourself lucky that you have a family. Be good to your peoples!

#2 Dont: Don’t go over any of your EXES house no matter how close you are to them or their family. I don’t care if you were invited. Stay your ass home! An ex is an ex for a reason and you don’t need to cloud your judgment or your life with bullcrap. Dinners will just make you feel funny and will lead your ex on. He or she may start to feel like you want them back! Spending Thanksgiving with exes just make things even more confusing.

#3 Do: Do understand that if you are talking to a dude and he hasn’t invited you over for Thanksgiving or attempt to spend Thanksgiving with you or your family that he may not be feeling you like that or have made other plans.

#3 Dont: Don’t take it personal when you’re not invited. It’s cool! Knowing is beautiful and half the battle! Also, don’t make no excuse for why you are not spending the holiday with them. If someone ask, just straight up say, “He didn’t invite me.”

#4 Do: Hit your family and friends and say Happy Thanksgiving or Happy Holidays… Once again your peoples are everything.

#4 Dont: Don’t you dare hit no dude up on Thanksgiving day or the night before wishing him a happy holiday or to see what he is doing. No girly, you are too cool for school and too busy for that! And even if you are not too busy for that- you better pretend you are. No need to look desperate or put yourself out there. Let him hit you up first and if he doesn’t, don’t sweat it!

#5 Do: If you get too bored, turn off your phone and get some nice sleep or watch some movies on Netflix that you always wanted to see. Take time for yourself because only you can avoid being unhappily single on Thanksgiving. You can also make dinner for a homeless family or serve food at a homeless shelter. There are so many different ways to feel appreciated on this holiday.

#5 Dont: Don’t allow his ass to come over no 9pm after all the food is cold (unless he had to work). You are no second choice and you can’t allow that kind of fuckery into your life! 9pm is too late… Sorry, don’t even answer your phone!

I hope these tips help you. Have a great holiday guys and eat a lot and go to the gym on Friday and work it off hunny!!!

Love you for free!!!


Dating 101: Do You Really Know How to Date? Are You the Dating or Relationship Kind?


In today’s microwave society, everything move so fast. We are living in a time where women are getting pregnant by dudes they only been “talking” to for less than 90 days. Its like no one is getting to know each other before they jump in and start relationships.


Its a small portion of women in the world who still believe in DATING. Yes, I know that word may be unfamiliar to most but it still exists.

Dating: the act of going on dates aka nothing serious aka I may like you but I still want to try other merchandise before I buy aka you not my man, son!

When I talk about dating on Twitter, many men on there scold me for telling women that they should date at least 3 men and so on. They believe in the social construct that a female dating 3 men is a whore. I often ask them what is wrong with a woman having options. A woman can date 3 men and not have sexual relations with all 3 men. Please, I know women who have dated multiple men and didn’t have sex with any of them. And even if she has sex with all 3 (as per the movie “She’s Gotta Have It); who are we to judge?

It’s 2012 and women are liberated therefore we are not at liberty to judge a woman’s sexual activity. It is what it is.

A #DatingGirl is a smart girl!!! These days we get so caught up in keeping people that we dont see earlier on the signs that could have saved us a heartache or STD or 2. Sh*t is definitely real and its time to really get to know people before you get all caught up in the matrix. Dating helps you get to know a person- trust me!

When dating you must be honest with all parties involved. Lets say you met a popping guy. You’re digging him, he’s digging you but you know that you are in no way, shape, or form ready for a serious thang… You need to tell him immediately. In the beginning most men are cool with it because they just want to bone too but as time goes along, things can could get tricky. All of a sudden the plan starts to deviate.

When dating you have to allow for your action to match what you are telling homie. If you say you guys are just dating; you can’t be around him everyday. You are giving off the girlfriend vibe when you are around him everyday. When dating you can’t introduce him to major people in your life like your parents or child unless you are at the end of the dating stage and want to see what they think before you take the big plunge and even then you introduce him as your friend or hun never as your man. You can’t express over emotion!!! The word love should never, ever, ever be used at this stage even if he says it first.

Now all of this can go really, really, really wrong if any party start to have real crazy feelings for the other party and the other person dont feel the same way. Now this has happened to me… I was in a fuc*ship (a union of just f*cking aka f*ck buddies) with a guy I was dealing with and we started out on some let’s f*ck and chill ish then all of a sudden one day he caught feelings for me. At the time I had my own thing going on so I didn’t react the way he wanted to. Needless to say, all of a sudden I realized I had feelings for him; like real feelings for him (this was like almost a year after he caught little feelings for me).

In my defense, these feelings emerged after seeing him almost everyday (not on purpose) and dealing with him for a year and a half… Now, I knew I couldn’t make him my man so I decided to take my L and stop dealing with the whole situation. That is one of the things that can go wrong when you are “dating” someone.

Another issue can be he’s tired of playing games and he want you exclusive and you my friend are not ready to COMMIT (that has also happened to me). Lets say you are dating this great guy but you still not ready to commit; you take a huge risk by telling him you’re not ready. Dating is a betting game… You may lose if you gamble but the best dater is the one not afraid to gamble! Some people are ruthless daters, they risk losing great people everyday because they are stuck in their convictions of not being ready to settle down! But hey, you gotta lose to win!

Then you have the datingship that looks and smell like a relationship. You only date them, you’re only dealing with them sexually, you have a great friendship and courtship- just no title. You guys even have each other pics up on Instagram (ie me and my boo). This is more of the exclusive dating. People ask if you like the person and with them all of the time, why not say you are in a relationship???? Well sometimes titles mess up a great thing! I truly believe that now. I am not interested in the pressure that the word relationship brings. I’m not interested in falling in love at this time. I just want to have fun and enjoy the person I am dealing with.

This method of dating would confuse most but it works for those who just got out of a relationship or for those who are afraid to be hurt again. Its just a good feeling to know that you are around someone because you want to and not because a title of a relationship tells you you have to!!!

People ask me all of time, How long are you supposed to date before you make it official? Well that answers depend on the person. I know people who have dated for 2 weeks and I know people who have dated 2 years. Its all up to you. Dating is not about the time so much as it is about the readiness of both parties.

My new philosophy is DATE UNTIL YOU GET MARRIED! Skip the “boyfriend” stage and date, date, date until you get married. Marriage is for the settling down stage not boyfriend/girlfriendship. Hello, thats the point of getting married.

If you’re not a serial dater thats cool, you can date one person at a time and get rid of ‘em when you are ready to and move on to the next. Great thing about dating, there are no rules unless you and the person you are dating put some in place. The main rule some say is you can date other people just dont let me see it!!! Whatever the rules may be, just make sure they are clear to both parties.

Now after reading this post, ask yourself are you made to date or are you made to be in a EXCLUSIVE relationship. Relationships are somewhat binding. So a real dater can be non-exclusive where as a relationship is exclusive. It’s all up to you. If you know you can’t take the thought of a dude you are feeling to be with another person then don’t fool yourself, dating isn’t for you but if you know that it aint no fun unless we all get some (lol) then you are ready. Whatever it is, don’t fool yourself!

Please comment and share. Thank you!

P.S. when I placed dating in google images, the first few pages just show white people. Are they trying to say black women don’t date. Hmmmm, maybe in another post!

Love: Can You Be Happy with One Person in Today’s Society?

Dear Diary,

My parents have been married for 28 years and often times, I sit and wonder how the hell do they do it. Hell, my parents have spent more than 10, 220 days of their lives being married to each other. Geesh, that is a long ass time. I ask my moms from time to time, does she ever get bored of the sex? Or get sick of being with my father? And she always says the same thing, “you will never get tired of being with the person who is the one for you.” Damn that sounds good but shit now a days what is the one.

The number one makes me think!!! One means being with a person in hopes that they will satisfy your needs mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. Man, sounds like a lot of pressure for that one. So I ask myself, wouldn’t life be easier if we were allowed to have two people to come in and split the responsibilities of making one happier. Man, I’m a hustla so I always think of practical solutions that can make things move more swift.

Everytime my mother try to give me advice about men and finding the one i stop her because she hasn’t been single since Marvin Gaye was alive. Women roles have changed and men DEFINITELY have changed. Moms is from a time where men took over the households and brought home the bacon. She always tell my sisters and I stories about the good old days and how if you smoked, a dude brought over the cigarettes; if you drink, dude brought over the bottle; and if you eat, the dude brought over the food; no ifs ands or buts about it.

Things have certantly changed, now adays dudes come over empty handed and expect you to suck them off like they are King Dingaling or something (save the suck ladies). They don’t even ask you if you need something before they come thru, SMH. Granted, women standards have changed over the years but many dudes haven’t learned the fundamentals of being a man which makes it hard for single women out here to find one dude who can satisfy their every need.

The world is crazy. It’s like if you meet a guy who has good sex, he doesn’t have a job and if you meet a guy with a job, he doesn’t have a car and if you meet a dude with a job and a car, he lives at home with his mama. It’s like how can you find a whole person to make you happy as a whole person when there are not many whole people out here. There are just a bunch of people out here trying to find themselves. And to those people trying to find themselves, keep doing you and keep others out your mix. You can’t be anyone’s #1 until you have everything together for yourself which should be your #1 priority.

I think you can find one person to satisfy your needs if you dont want or need much but if you live an advanced life, there is no way one person can satisfy you. The more complex your life is, the harder it is to be with one person who you feel can make you happy. I know that people with advanced lives are hard to please and expect so much out of people that we end up being disappointed but hey that is life.

I just think it is great to date multiple people until you find someone who fulfils at least 80% of your needs. Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day. The person who fulfils that much percent in today’s society is a keeper because it is really hard. To find out what percent of your needs your lover have on lock, write down 10 of the ultimate needs you need to have in your love life. Now check off every need your “one” lover provide and the percentage will be clear. If you check off 3/10, your man only fulfil 30% of your needs (which is a fail); if you check off 8/10, then boom pow pow, he or she is a keeper.

The more advance of a person you are, the more needs you have which means the less likely a mere mortal is able to keep up with the checklist (not the one Chilli had).

I guess my feelings about being with one person will change ultimately when I meet the right person but I wont waste time thinking about it. Life is too short to be worrying about the “one” when you can have two or three in your life that you can rotate to your convenience. Yup, the funny man, the money man, the lover man, the sex man, etc.

Dating one person is hard and it takes a lot of patience and both parties must be down with the program in order for it to work. Hell, a lot of people think they’re with people when in all actuality, they are BY THEMSELVES. You won’t catch me out there!!! I say stop looking for the one and just do you!!! It will make you a lot happier in the end of the day but I know seeing people like my parents make you want the one infinite love…